About Our Church

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Welcome to Salt & Light Community Church (SLC2)

Welcome to Salt & Light Community Church, a church that desires to "Change People for Eternity, by Reaching Up, Reaching In, & Reaching Out.  No matter your age, interest, or where you are in life or your spiritual journey, we have something for everyone.  We would love to have you be our guest at one of our Services or become a part of one of our exciting ministries.

What can I Expect at SLC2? 

Arriving at SLC2?

Be sure to be at least 15-20 minutes early to get a good seat.  Upon arrival, our greeeters will welcome you and give you some information about SLC2, events coming up, as well as a visitor connect card and survey.  We ask for visitors to complete these cards and put either in our offering baskets or give to a VIP Rep at the VIP Center following service.

During Service?

Our service starts out with modern/contemporary Worship, followed by an engaging, relevant message.  Once the service is over please be sure to stop by our VIP table to further connect and get more information about SLC2!


What Should I Wear?

Dress in whatever you feel comfortable in jeans, business casual, or business dress if you prefer. We believe in a non-judgemental setting where any and everyone is welcomed, regardless of what you look like, dress like, have or have not done in your life!  Come just the way you are!


What Should I Do With My Children?

If you have children, you may want to arrive a little earlier to get them settled in.  You can ask us for a tour of the kid's area if you would like.  We take great pride in providing a safe atmosphere for our kids at SLC2!  We also take the protection of the children very seriously and use a check-in and out system that you will need to take just a few minutes to register on-site or you can pre-register at kidcheck.  Once you have them safely signed in, you can then proceed to the sanctuary to enjoy the service.  If at anytime your child needs you we will let you know via an on screen alert with your child's number on top of your pickup slip.